The Bradford Gurdjieff Society was originally founded by John G. Bennett in Bradford, UK in 1949 and was led from that time, for over 45 years, by Rina Hands.The teaching is of ancient origin and was brought to the west in a form suitable for contemporary culture by George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff.

Group members continue this tradition and meet regularly to follow Gurdjieff's teaching, known as "the Work", in Group premises in Yorkshire.

gurdjieff rina book group room
gurdjieff group vegetable garden

The programme includes working together on activities (cooking, gardening and various crafts), movements and study.

Members are mostly from the North of England (Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Durham, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire), although we also have a few members from the South (Surrey, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire).