The Gurdjieff Work is for those who are searching for something; those who feel there must be something more to life; those whose questioning turns in the realms of philosophy, psychology and religion. It is a system of ideas and practical indications, which points the way along a gradual and hard-won path towards the growth of genuine being, self-development and individuality.

The Work has no quick or easy means to loosen the grip of our automatic inner habits and outward mechanical responses in daily life. It calls for persistently repeated efforts to be made alongside other people working to the same principles. It requires each of us to question and test the ideas for ourselves, referring continually to our individual experience and developing understanding.

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The Work invites us to observe ourselves with impartiality, not as we may like to see ourselves but as we really are. In order to come to this, we have to develop the quality of our attention and to look again and again. When we are able, even for a moment, to see our deceptions clearly and without judgement, then the truth is born fresh within.

This experience is extraordinary. We begin to wake up and find that we are very different from what we had supposed. We begin to use attention in a different way and make space inside for something higher, greater. When there is space, then light comes and the bud opens on the bough.

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